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Add light to your home with high-quality custom skylights from Glassolutions and let natural light flood your space.


New York's Premier Custom Skylight Provider

Looking to infuse your home with an abundance of natural light? Glassolutions is your premier source for high-quality, functional skylights, serving New York's Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange Counties, as well as NYC and the surrounding tri-state area. With over 40 years of expertise, our seasoned team brings unparalleled expertise to every phase of the skylight process—from design to fabrication and installation.

Whether your residence is nestled in the tranquil landscapes of Westchester County or positioned in the bustling heart of NYC, Glassolutions crafts skylights with a commitment to elevate your living space. Our team of experts ensures skylights are seamlessly integrated, up to code, and compliant with local fire and other ordinances. 

Our comprehensive skylight offerings include installations of all shapes and sizes, with the flexibility to customize based on your unique space requirements. Whether it's a modest skylight or a grand, full-ceiling masterpiece, Glassolutions can expertly craft and install the perfect skylight for your home. Beyond the infusion of natural light, our skylights breathe fresh air into spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, prioritizing both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Glassolutions ensures the optimization of natural light usage while considering the distinctive characteristics of residential roofing.

The installation of skylights requires precision and expertise to ensure there are no potential issues. With Glassolutions, our dedication to excellence extends beyond design; it encompasses the meticulous installation process.Our team of experts ensures a flawless installation, guarding against leaks and other potential issues. Committed to compliance with local ordinances, including fire safety standards, Glassolutions takes pride in its reputation for using top-quality materials, providing a seamless and enduring addition to your home.

In New York, where architectural innovation meets residential comfort, Glassolutions stands as your trusted partner for top-quality skylights. Explore the transformative possibilities our skylights offer—a perfect fusion of sophistication, functionality, and a crystal-clear view of the expansive New York skies. Elevate your home with Glassolutions, where decades of experience meet the allure of limitless residential horizons.



Was an absolute pleasure to do business with Glassolutions from beginning to end of project. They gave me a fair price, a beautiful product, and no problems. Every employee I dealt were professional and very helpful! I highly recommend .

- P.M

I was extremely pleased with the glass installation of the shower enclosure and door for my bathroom. The work was done to my expectations and they treated my home as their own. They were able to answer all my questions and show me examples of different designs to make my decisions easier. I would recommend them and will be hiring them again in the future (should I do any additional renovations)!

- C.L

Thank you for the custom work at our home in Bronxville. Both your suggestions and your designs provided us with the perfect solution for what we needed to have done, as were the two technicians who did the actual installation work. They were neat, professional, friendly.. and nice, not to mention that their work was impeccable!


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