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Glassolutions is a leader in producing high quality mirrors for a wide variety of residential and commercial uses across New York's Westchester, Putnam, Orange and Rockland counties as well as Fairfield Connecticut and the New York City. We work closely with homeowners, interior decorators, architects, interior designers and contractors to create the perfect mirror for any space. Our experienced estimators collaborate with you to create a comprehensive estimate, coordinate material orders & schedule installations that align with your requirements, budget, and timeline. Our expert installers ensure a secure and proper installation.Whether it is for a home renovation, commercial fitness space, retail fitting room, hotel bathrooms or a specialty project, Glassolutions is your trusted partner for high quality custom glass installatoins. 



Our mirror applications include:


  • Bathroom Vanity Mirrors: Complete the look of your bathroom, these mirrors come in various sizes and shapes to match your space.

  • Over-The-Door Mirrors: Popular for closet doors, bathroom doors and dressing room doors. These space-saving solutions are perfect for smaller areas, providing convenience and functionality. 

  • Freestanding Full-Length Mirrors: Ideal for bedrooms or dressing areas, these mirrors provide a complete view.

  • Wall Mirrors: Versatile and decorative, these mirrors come in assorted styles to add depth and visual appeal to any room.

  • Mounted Mirrors: These mirrors, suitable for common areas and bathrooms, offer practicality and style.

  • Custom-designed Mirrored Tabletops: Elevate your furniture with mirrored glass tops, giving a chic touch to your decor.

  • Gym Mirrors: We provide mirrors tailored for home gyms, commercial gyms, dance studios, fitness centers, and yoga studios. Our frameless wall-mounted gym mirrors are customizable, available in various shapes and sizes to suit your specifications.


Our mirrors come in various finishes and styles, including antique, beveled, to suit your preferences and interior design scheme. Whether it's for your wardrobe, bathroom, or windows, our mirrors elevate your home's aesthetic.


Trust Glassolutions for reliable and professional mirror installation services across New York's Westchester, Putnam, Orange and Rockland counties as well as Fairfield Connecticut and New York City. Contact us today to transform your home or business with our premium custom mirrors.

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